Saturday, January 21, 2012

Please tell me this is not the most adorable thing you've ever seen in your life.

I'm just gathering up some pictures for the reception slideshow...and this is one of the many gems I found. It's so cute I could die. If our kids end up looking anything like

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pinch me, this is my life...

So it's been a few months...but I've been busy getting engaged and what not. Yes. I wouldn't believe it either if I didn't actually experience it myself.

But, it's also been the best time of my life. Me and Colby have been together now for almost 7 months! Crazy. I used to make fun of people who got engaged and/or married so quickly, but now I finally understand where they're coming from. And I'm now one of those. But I'm happy to join the club. I'd marry him right now if it didn't take a little more planning...

Here's the story of how it happened and the events leading up to it (it's been almost 2 months...but better late than never) ...

We went to buy the ring at the beginning of November after talking about getting married. We got on that pretty quick because of a rockin' sale going on at the jewelers. That Friday, November 5th, I was at work and Colby kept texting me wondering when I was going to be done. He also said I need to be done NOW. So I left and he came to my apartment and said, "Are you serious about wanting to marry me?"


"Then get in the car."

We start driving and we're headed for the mall and it all clicked. In my head I was kind of panicking because I didn't think I was ready to choose a ring! It's kind of a big deal. But we got there and started trying them on. When I put on the first few, my hand was shaking pretty bad. It was so weird and I wasn't expecting it at all! I kinda hoped Colby wouldn't notice, but let's get real, how could be not? I tried on a lot of different ones, but I just kept going back to one. When I had it on I just knew that was the one. Then he bought it. And I ended up getting his too. We were in and out in about an hour. Who knew it was that easy? I walked out of the store with his, but mine had to get sized so he didn't actually leave with it.

And that was that. I never thought I'd be able to choose a ring so easily! It was all just surreal, but I've never been more sure about anything. We went back to his house and both just felt drained. It was kind of weird, but it's a big step! I didn't know when he'd propose, but as long as it was before Christmas is was all good.

The next weekend he got to go on a cruise with the company he worked for over the summer, and I honestly don't know how I made it six weeks. Those five days went miserably slow, and I was just reassured that there's no way I could ever live without him. We couldn't talk at all because there was no service in the ocean, so it went even slower. I went to pick him up from the airport the next Thursday night, and that whole day I had to keep finding random things to pass the time because it seemed like it would never be time to leave. When I saw him I ran up and he picked be up and literally carried me to the car with his bag in his other hand. The whole way home I couldn't believe he was actually there. It was the best feeling ever!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving I was at his church walking to relief society when this 50-something year old man stopped me and said congratulations and asked if I would be at the Sanford's after church and if he could come over to visit. I was pretty confused because I had no idea who he was or how he knew we were planning on getting married. But I said he sure could. When we were back at their house I was describing the guy to his parents and they thought it was just their home teacher. But when he knocked at the door his dad said,"Oh hi President!"

Yep, the stake president. He came in and sat down and asked Colby why he was here. 

Colby just sat there for a second and said, "Well, me and Aimee are planning on getting married in May..."

"Why are you waiting so long?"

"Well, she's going to graduate and then we're going somewhere for the summer for her internship."

Then he went on about how we should consider moving the date and some other things. It was actually a really cool experience. We both had been thinking that to ourselves but I don't think we actually would have changed it if it hadn't been for that. He said he saw us in the congregation and just felt like he should come visit us out of the whole ward. Crazy.

So then we talked about it and decided on March. It would be kinda crazy with school, but  we could do it. Then he said he should probably propose pretty soon...

Monday I was over at his house again and his brother Matt came in and said. "So did Colby tell you about the conversation he had with your dad today?"

Colby just stared at him and shook his head. It was pretty funny, because Matt didn't realize you probably don't tell people stuff like that. Then he felt really bad and said that was the biggest mistake of his life and he was going to take us out to dinner or something. But it's not like it was some big surprise he was going to ask. Tuesday I went over again and I didn't know when I should expect it. But it didn't happen then.

Wednesday I was coming out of my dance class, which was the last class of the day and Colby had been texting me asking when I would be done because we were going out to dinner with some friends. He was in the area so he said he might just be at my apartment already when I got home. That wasn't anything out of the ordinary so I didn't think much of it. But when I got home I didn't see his car in the parking lot, so I just went inside to my room. When I opened the door, everything that was on my bed was gone and there was a huge box in the middle of the room...

I opened it and found a smaller box...then a smaller one...then the ring box! But no ring. Just a paper that said "look in the closet". So at first I opened by side of the closet. I had to move the huge box out of the way first, but that makes the most sense, right? Nothing was there. So I open the other side. 
And there he was holding the ring and flowers while wearing a huge bow on his sweatshirt. I knew it was real this time because he was actually holding the ring. (He'd been fake proposing for the two weeks leading up to it. Just in the middle of a conversation he'd get down on his knee and say some stuff and then end it with a joke. That's Colby for ya. I thought it was hilarious though!)
He said he loved me and would forever, then asked me to marry him! At first I didn't know what to do, and almost gave him my right hand to put the ring on.
Buuut I figured it out and got the ring on my left hand! Sometimes I still can't believe how lucky I am, and I want that feeling to last forever. Seriously, how did this happen?

Afterwards we went to dinner with some friends (the great photographers of the proposal, Nate and Caitlin) at Wingers. The first time we hung out in DC we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, so I guess wings are kind of our thing? I'm not complaining. 

I never thought I could be this happy in my life, and it's only the beginning! Colby is the best man I've ever known in my life and he's my best friend in the world. 

And we'll be sealed for time and all eternity on 
March 23, 2012.

That's pretty neat.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I can't believe I've already been back from DC for just over a month! But at the same time...I absolutely can. I can't blame this past month for being extremely's a tough act to follow up the best summer of my life.

 confederate white house in RICHMOND.
             GOOD STUFF.              u.s. capitol in the U.S. CAPITAL
 being cool by monuments.
 going to memorial day parades on THE MALL.
 going to games as a member of the, golf, football...
 seeing my boy kenny in concert at the home of the redskins.
 meeting ann coulter.
 watching the orioles as a fan (but not an orioles fan...)
 good times with awesome people.
 lee house @ ARLINGTON.

 photo-ops with the washington monument in the background.
 national zoo-ing it up with the guys.
 double date time.
 white house.
 ford's theatre.
 fourth of july in WASHINGTON.

 library of congress.
 hangin' by the JEFFERSON.
 monument walk:KOREA.
 hey mr. lincoln.
 SHAKE SHACK concretes.
 weird things...
 GEORGETOWN cupcakes.
beautiful TEMPLE.

I didn't want to picture overload too much...but I did all this and much more. I'm so glad my dad took me out and my mom came out to visit over July 4th. She came about halfway through my adventure and it was great to spend time with her and show her my DC "expertise". We had a lot of fun and I'll always remember it! I love my mom...she's the best.


It would not be the best summer at all without this boy:

Meet Colby. We're both from good ol' Utah county...yet don't meet 'til we're both at the other side of the country. At church. How weird is that?! And I finally met someone who may even be weirder than me. I know, right? Didn't think that was possible either.

My first impression of the hilarious guy in Sunday school was that he looked like the old spice guy. Then, I obviously thought he was hilarious...also really cute. Didn't think I stood a chance. But somehow, I tricked him into thinking I was pretty cool too. I'm still figuring that one out.

Orioles game, zoo, fireworks, sunday pizza days, softball game, transformers 3, heavyweights, and just hanging around together doing absolutely nothing are just a fraction of the things I'll remember. He picked me up from work at 10 in Maryland so I wouldn't have to walk in the dark and came over to hang out almost every day. SO...

The reason these past five weeks have been so long? He's still in Virginia. Only ONE MORE WEEK. I've never been so excited for anything in my's better than Christmas! 

Friday, June 3, 2011

someday...someone might spell my name right.

wednesday i went to my very first MLB game ever! i don't know what i was expecting, but walking into the press room and seeing the field and the players warming up was kind of a surreal feeling. something about anything professional is just cool. i don't care who you are.

i grew up going to jazz games every now and again, which i always loved. i have yet to experience real NFL action. i'm looking at you, denver!

if this doesn't take the cake, i don't know what will:

oh yeah, i was talking about baseball.

to get my media pass, i had to show the lady at the door my driver's license so she could fill out the pass and make sure i'm over 16? or something like that. so she spells my last name out loud, then get to my first name.

"a-i-m-e-e? is that right??"

no, it's just the spelling i like to have on my driver's license.

but don't worry, she spelled it right on the pass!

or mayyybe not.

i'm still working up to that status where people will believe the name on my i.d. is actually my name. it'll happen.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

just say no?

doesn't every mother teach her kids to never get in a car with a stranger?? does anyone ever say yes??

there i am, just walking to the metro rockin out to some kelly clarkson, when i see out of the corner of my eye a car slow down and stop right next to me. naturally, i just keep looking straight a head, but i can still feel someone staring so i looked over for a second.

"hey, i'm headed to the metro, can i give you a ride?"

"i'm just gonna walk...thanks though."

"which way are you walking?"

"this way..."

even if this fiftysomething's intentions were good, ya just don't do that! doesn't he realize how creepy that is on so many levels?

so i thought my day couldn't get any more exciting...until i went to safeway.

i'm just minding my own business bagging up some delicious artichokes, when...

"excuse me, you're really beautiful."

"umm, thanks..."

"can i ask you out? it's your eyes..." creepy maybes?

"you know, i don't think so."

"why not? i have a motorcycle and a helmet for you!"

"that's ok...i'm good."

"it would be fun, ya know just hang out or something. and i have a motorcycle. i'm sure you like motorcycles! can i get your number?"

now here's where i have a problem. i would rather make up a fake number on the spot then say no. so that's what i did...

not sure why i have an issue with just saying no...and i was terrified he was going to try and call right then and figure out it was fake! not sure what i was scared of, but you just never know i guess.

he was a little more age-appropriate than the previous grandfather instance...but really?

i've said it once and i'll say it a million times...kenny chesney is the only single man old enough to be my dad i wouldn't mind taking a motorcycle ride from.


first instance of d.c. savvy

well, i've figured out a system for car-less grocery shopping! i'm new to it and think it's pretty genius if you ask me. how do people live without cars??

my lovely roommates with their lovely cars would definitely take me when they go, but our schedules don't match up too well.

LUCKILY there's a safeway literally next door to comcast, my home three days of the week. i think i've been every day getting a few things i need each time. a bag or two each time back with me on the metro and my walk home and i've got all i need!

i've even gotten ice cream, people!

it may or may not be close to soup by the time i finally get back...
afterhavingtowait45minutesforthetraincausetheythoughtthey'dclosedownatrackeverytimeitrytogeton...but man does that triple-cookie sundae edy's sound delicious right now.

i also haven't been able to walk past those 50 cent artichokes without getting more each time...50 cents!! are you kidding?! 

my roommate Caitlin thinks eating a plain artichoke is the weirdest thing she's ever seen. i always thought it was normal?? they're a delicacy in my family!

artichokes & ice cream...i could get used to that!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


i really don't mind humidity. my hair, however, minds a lot.

i know it's only gonna get about a zillion times worse this summer, but i absolutely love heat of any kind. anytime i think i'm too hot, i just think of how miserable i am in the freezing winter and then i love it even more!

but i've discovered humidity affects a lot more than just my hair.

1. the gum in my purse is almost wet when i get it out
2. the sugar on sour gummy watermelons dissolves off of most of them before i eat them
3. it took a total of 48 hours for my sweater to air-dry in my apartment

but it's good in a few ways too!

1. the air smells awesome, especially around my apartment where there are a lot of trees
2. if you look outside and it looks cool and'll still be warm!
3. i think i've noticed a little difference in my dry more waking up in the middle of the night to get some lotion!

yay for the good stuff, and the bad isn't really that bad.

it does make me miss my dry desert of Utah, and growing up going on vacations to arizona and new mexico. i keep thinking of the red rocks and how awesome it is in the southwest. i'll always be a western girl, but i'm an eastern girl for now.

hopefully soon i'll be southern...